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In our table d'hôtes you can enjoy a rich variety of southern, Lyon, auvergne and of course Ardeche specialties. Advance booking is required.
Following the season's weather you can dine in our big dining room or on the terrace, enjoying the view of the Eyrieux valley with, further away, the lights of the Rhone valley.
n july and august, sometimes: ATELIER PIZZA.

IMPORTANT : there is no table d'hôtes on monday & tuesday. But we'll help you to find a restaurant according to your taste.   Or you can choose the solution « Vrai & Bon » HERE.

Prices for the table
For the dinner
"Table d'hôtes gourmande"

Adult (>18): 38€ / 13 - 17: 24€ / 6 - 12: 12€ / 3 - 5: free
Our dinner includes home drink, starter, main dish, dessert and coffee and wine (AOC Grignan les Adhemar, red, and rosé).

We can accept people from the "gîtes" for dinner only if we are not more than 15 people at the table (it's the french law...)

"Atelier Pizza" (Pizza workshop, sometimes...)

Adult (>18): 24€ / 17 - 13: 12€ / Free for child under 13
Home drink, pizza, dessert and coffee and wine (AOC Grignan les Adhemar, red, and rosé).

> PLEASE BE REMINDED : The table d'hôtes dinner must be reserved in the morning of the day you desire them, by breakfast time.
If you would like dinner at the table d'hôtes the day of arrival, you must reserve when you book your room. Thank you.

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